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People often speak highly about home renovations, but finding funding your renovations is one way to remove all the headache, funding being a crucial part of a successful home renovation product. You have a few options to help you finance your home renovations, there is the choice of paying out using your pocket, drying out your own savings, using your built-up equity from your existing property, or secure additional funds through a lender.

Using your own savings, or any existing funds that you kept in your loan offset or redraw facilities, is one way in order for you not to incur additional debt. Although these two are the more straightforward option, the use of your savings or existing funds to loan offset or redraw facilities, there is also a need for you to understand the effect that it will have on your current loan in the long run, because your interest expenses will increase, and the time taken in repaying the loan.

If you consider borrowing additional capital through your existing property’s equity, placing all the funds into your offset account, you will also get an increase in the size of your loan. And until your expenses have been incurred you can save on additional interest.

Consulting a professional in respect to the financial implications is highly recommended in order to replace your loan. A commitment that is similar to replacing your existing home loan. We have a team for Renovation Loans equipped with excellent experience, helping with renovation projects, so you can place your trust on us. We will provide the best strategy based on your financial status and goals, for you.

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